Dionis Natural Goat Milk 2 oz

  • $ 7.99

Dionis Hand Cream is rich, creamy non-greasy formula that leaves your skin soft and hydrated.  The hand cream absorbs quickly, helping to keep your hands moist and beautiful.  Use regularly wherever you have dry skin.

Goat milk offers benefits not found in traditional body care products. There is a reason that your skin feels soft and stays that way when you use our products! The pH of goat milk is so close to that of your own skin, it absorbs easily and stays in the skin, helping to keep it hydrated and beautiful. The goat milk, and vitamins A and D also help to keep your skin looking great naturally. Dionis Goat Milk products are nature's balanced moisturizer.

Fragrance Descriptions: Love Hand Cream is an enchanting blend of fragrant jasmine, vanilla and black currant extract. This enticing blend of florals is one of our signature scents and is definitely one of our customers favorites!

Sea Treasures Hand Cream is part of our limited edition summer collection. The scent is nostalgic of warm ocean breezes intertwined with the soft floral of Sweet Pea. Enjoy this beautiful scent of the seashore while it lasts.

Lavender Blossom is a delightful Aurelian lily blossom, juicy orange and casis surrounded by jasmine, rose and lavender on a creamy background of coconut, apricot, nectar and musk.

Snow Blossom: Our Limited Edition fragrance is offered one time during the year and for a limited time. Order now to experience this fragrance.

This travel-friendly size hand cream comes in a 2 oz. tube.

  • Made in the USA. 
  • Paraben Free. 
  • Cruelty-Free.



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